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Professor of Educational Work with a Focus on Language and Practice-Based School Research

Institutionen för språkstudier




  • Typ av anställning Permanent position
  • Omfattning 100 %
  • Ort Umeå

The Department of Language Studies offers first and second cycle education in English, Finnish, French, Italian, Linguistics, Russian, Sami, Spanish, Language Didactics, Scandinavian Languages and German as well courses within teacher education programmes at basic and advanced levels. Third cycle education is conducted within Linguistics, Literature, Language Didactics, Pedagogical Practices with a Focus on Language, and Sami Studies. More information:

Description and work duties
The position includes research, teaching and supervision at first, second and third cycle levels, administration, supervision, collaboration within and outside the university.

During the first four years, the position entails a specific responsibility for the development of the research environment and research education within the field of Educational Work with a focus on language and practice-based research at the Department of Language Studies. The appointee is expected to develop a close collaboration with Umeå School of Education.

The appointee is expected to initiate research and establish contacts outside the university, to follow research developments in the field and societal developments that are relevant to the work, to partake in collaboration across subjects, and to contribute to the development of the university, the department and the research area.

The content of the employment can vary over time, and the distribution of tasks is based on the current conditions and needs of the department as well as current regulations.

The employment includes faculty-funded time for research and development of the research environment, which corresponds to 60% of a full time position in the first four years.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible for the position as Professor of Educational Work with a focus on language and practice based school research, the candidate must have demonstrated skills and expertise in both research and teaching. For more information regarding eligibility requirements se Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University.

The qualification concerns the field of Educational Work with a focus on language and practice-based school research or equivalent expertise that is considered relevant to the employment.

Evaluation criteria
Research expertise pertains to independent research production, the ability to plan and lead research activities and assignments in the academic research community, and the ability to communicate research findings to the academic community nationally and internationally and to society in general. Skills may also be shown via leadership in research projects and successful academic supervision, as well as the ability to obtain external research funds in the face of competition.

When the research expertise of an applicant is assessed, the quality achieved is of prime importance. The breadth and depth of the applicant’s research are essential considerations. When assessing the applicant’s research expertise, merits that demonstrate that the applicant has broad and solid expertise in the area of language and practice-based school research will be of particular importance. Research within one or more of the following areas is considered a merit: 1. second language learning and multilingualism in school contexts, 2. Swedish as a second language, 3. the development of language, writing and reading of relevance to teaching within the field of special needs training or primary school teacher training.  

Teaching expertise refers to the work with students, to the applicant’s own pedagogical development, and to contributions to the development of pedagogical activities at a departmental level. Also included is participation in third-cycle activities, such as supervision of doctoral students, and participation in the design and implementation of courses and seminars.

When the teaching expertise of an applicant is assessed, a demonstrated ability to plan, implement and evaluate teaching will be considered, as well as academic supervision and examination. In this regard, special emphasis will be placed on supervision of third-cycle students leading to a PhD defense and participation in third-cycle activities. Teaching experience in Swedish as second language, and teaching experience in the field of special needs training or primary school teacher education is considered a merit. 

Management and leadership skills concern the ability to develop and lead activities and staff, to take responsibility, and to coordinate, motivate and provide others with the preconditions required to effectively achieve common goals. The ability to coordinate groups as well as to contribute to establishing participation, commitment, and job satisfaction are additional examples of demonstrated skills.

Other assessment criteria include an ability to cooperate and other skills significant to the duties of the position. For qualifications and grounds for assessment, see Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University.

Weighting of evaluation criteria
Among the qualified applicants, ranking will be based primarily on research and teaching expertise, with special emphasis on research expertise. Also considered is the applicant’s leadership related to staff development and activity management. Qualifications and grounds for assessment are found in Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University.

When the research and teaching expertise of an applicant is assessed, primary consideration will be given to the experience of practice-based school research and the applicant’s ability to successfully supervise doctoral students. Of particular relevance is research on 1) second language perspectives in Swedish schools, or in Swedish teacher education, 2) the multilingual classroom in Swedish schools, (3) language, reading and writing within Swedish special needs teacher training. The ability to cooperate, to take initiatives and to create good relations with coworkers and students is also significant. To have secured competitive research grants is considered a merit.

In case of equal qualifications, the research expertise shall determine the selection among the applicants.

In this recruitment process, the University will qualitatively assess the skills and expertise of the applicants and will then select those judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties and contribute to a positive development of the department.

Instructions for applications and a list of the documents that must be attached can be found in the Instructions from the Faculty of Arts, here .

Other information
The first day of employment is 7 January 2019 or according to agreement. The placement is Umeå University, and high attendance at the department is a requirement. In each recruitment we strive for increased diversity and use the possibility of affirmative action.  At the Department of Language Studies there are currently mostly male professors and we therefore especially welcome women to apply for this position.

We look forward to receiving your application!

In the event of any disagreement between the English and the Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.


2019-01-07 or according to agreement


Daniel Andersson, prefekt


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