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Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Arkitekthögskolan vid Umeå universitet




  • Typ av anställning Permanent position
  • Omfattning 100%
  • Ort Umeå

Umeå School of Architecture is announcing a position as Senior Lecturer in Architecture with focus on contemporary architecture theory and history and ethics in design thinking. The position is a permanent position for full time and with starting date as soon as possible by agreement. The final date for applications is 2018-03-16

The main tasks are research and teaching at the first and second cycle within the Architecture program and teaching within the research education. In addition to practical teaching and independent research, the position includes examiner and course responsibilities as well as pedagogical development work. The position may include administrative and managerial assignments. A part of the employment is comprised of building a scientific environment that enables high-quality postgraduate education and includes 40-50 % research for the first three years. 

The subject area covers studies of architecture based on a theoretical and historic perspective. Through an emphasis on contemporary theory and history, the subject takes its starting point in analyses of contemporary conditions, historiographic studies, as well as philosophical and ethical questions.

Qualification requirements
To be eligible for the position you should have a master degree as well as a doctorate in architecture or equivalent. You must have documented knowledge and experience of planning, teaching, tutoring and research within the subject area.

You have the ability to create and develop a stimulating study environment in collaboration with colleagues, students and the surrounding community. You are able to independently plan, organize and develop educational activities and to supervise students. You are also able to create collaborations within education at all levels with professionals and other actors in the field of architecture and society in general. Educational skills refer to the subject area of architecture. Documented experience of teaching at both first and second cycle is a requirement, and the experience of teaching at postgraduate level is a merit. Experience of educational development work and leadership are also merits.

Scientific proficiency refers to the subject area of architecture with focus on contemporary architecture theory and architecture history and ethics in design thinking. The level of scientific proficiency shall be assessed on the basis of scientific work published in internationally reputable scientific journals and at scientific conferences.

Documented ability to compete for research funds from external contributors and clients is a merit. In addition, the ability to independently organise, develop and manage projects, as well as the ability to practice method development and to apply the methods on new issues will be considered. Documented ability to successfully collaborate with international researchers and researchers in other scientific disciplines is a merit, as well as the ability to interact with the surrounding community and with other actors in the field of architecture. Administrative skills should include the ability to independently plan, organize, develop and lead activities at the university as well as the ability to create co-operation between education on basic, advanced and research level in the field of architecture, as well as with other subject disciplines.

Fluency in written and spoken English is required. You also need to have excellent communication skills and good ability to collaborate and communicate with students and colleagues to create a good learning environment.  You should be creative, have a strong sense of initiative, and be able to work independently.

Conditions of employment
The position is a permanent position for full time. A probationary period may be applied. Start date is as soon as possible by agreement. 

Apply via our recruitment system, Varbi. The final date for applications is 2018-03-16.

The application should include:

  • A personal letter describing yourself and motivation for applying.
  • CV
  • A list of publications
  • Copies of at most five selected publications numbered according to the list of publications
  • A short statement of scientific skills relevant for the position and a research plan for the coming three years (maximum 5 pages)
  • A personal vision of architecture and in relation to education.
  • A pedagogical portfolio. For further instructions, see Appendix 4 in Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University.
  • A statement of administrative skills (with references) ability to lead and develop staff, and the ability to collaborate with external stakeholders and inform about research and development work
  • Work samples/Portfolio
  • Contact information to two referees 

More information
For more information, please contact Head of Department Ana Betancour,, +46 90 786 70 49.


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Ana Betancour

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