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Våra doktorander publicerar kontinuerligt vetenskapliga artiklar under sina år som doktorander. Vi samlar dem på denna sida.

Forskningspublikationer 2020



IDS 2014

Egüez A. Energy efficiency, district heating and waste management: essays on environmental economics. PhD dissertation, Umeå University; 2020.

Mustafa M. Removal of Micropollutants from Wastewater: evaluation of effect of upgrading ozonation to electro-peroxone. PhD dissertation, Umeå University; 2020.

Timmerfors JG. Wood chips for kraft and sulfite pulping: evaluation of novel forest-industrial drum-chipping technology. PhD dissertation, Umeå universitet; 2020.

Publikationer i vetenskapliga tidskrifter 

IDS 2008-2012

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IDS 2014

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IDS 2016

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IDS 2018

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Övriga publikationer

23. Egüez A. Compliance with the EU Waste Hierarchy: A matter of stringency, enforcement, and time. Umeå University; 2020.

24. Egüez A. Compliance with the EU Waste Hierarchy: It is a matter of stringency, enforcement and time!. SLU; Umeå University; 2020.

25 Egüez A. Ownership and district heating prices: The case of an unregulated natural monopoly. Umeå University; 2020.