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Humlab Zoom Room

Start a meeting

Start Instant Meeting

1. Standard setup in Humlab


2. Use control panel to start Instant Meeting


3. Control the meeting


4. Invite participants - two alternatives

A. Note the Meeting ID and send to your participants
B. Invite using the Invite button on the panel




Start Scheduled Meeting

1. Upcoming meetings listed

2. Choose Meeting List

3. Press Start



4. Control meeting



Join existing meeting

1. Standard setup in Humlab

2. Press Join

3. Enter Meeting ID & Join


Share screen

Share using HDMI cable

Connect HDMI 


Borrow adapters to connect to computer


Wireless share 

Find Sharing Key

 ZOOM app on phone / computer 

Enter Sharing Key


Schedule meeting

Schedule in ZOOM + Oulook

1. ZOOM app on phone / computer - choose Schedule


2. Edit meeting details

1. Set time / date and additional settings

2. Choose Calendar > Outlook

3. Choose Schedule


3. Invite Humlab Zoomroom

4. Invite participants

5. Send 




No image

If orange light 

If the ZOOM computer has an orange light - start by pressing the button 


If blue light

1. Press to shut down ZOOM computer

2. Press again to start computer