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Pass 25: The importance of sleep for the brain - workshop

Onsdag 28 oktober

kl. 9.30

On human behavioural biology – and what daylight has to do with it

We are all behavioural biologists, the moment we serve on panels or deal with a student with problems, we are tacitly deciding how much our behaviour is constrained by biology. One thing that involves is being profoundly cautious when it comes to deciding you understand the cause of a behaviour. And it is equally challenging to realise that the brain uses the “IF… THEN” clause: IF this lesson is happening, THEN bring out this cohesive set of behaviour. The educational system is staggeringly out of date in incorporating neuroscience into thinking.

Katharina Wulff

is Associate Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology at Umeå University, Sweden and associated with the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine. As a biologist interested in understanding behaviour, she focuses her research on issues of physiological mechanisms of mammalian behaviour from infancy to adulthood and the ways in which the body resonates with changing daylight. She is a member of the Daylight Academy (DLA), a pioneering interdisciplinary group of life scientists, engineers, architects and artists to unlock the secrets of daylight, a member of ESRS (European Sleep Research Society) and board member of the Society for Light Treatment of Biological Rhythms (SLTBR). katarina.wulff@umu.se

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