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Pass 9: Emerging patogens – workshop

OBS! Workshopen är inställd pga för få deltagare Tisdag 27 oktober 12.30-16.00

The battle between the microbes and us

Infection biology is a very fascinating field where an everyday battle is fought between pathogenic microbes and us, the host. Pathogens have evolved many strategies to escape our immune system and therapeutic treatments. Conversely, we, “sapiens”, are studying these mechanisms to develop novel therapies. This is a very intense field of research, with so many interesting aspects that are very actual, such as zoonosis, infections caused by pathogens that jump from animals to humans, understanding when and how microbes that are symbiotic with the “sapiens” can turn into pathogens, or studying the role of microbes in cancer development. These are few of the topics that we can discuss during this workshop.

Teresa Frisan

is professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University. Her research aims to understand how pathogenic bacteria alter the host response to establish a successful infection, and how chronic infections can contribute to cancer development. teresa.frisan@umu.se

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