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Fredrik Norén

Fredrik Norén arbetar som förste forskningsassistent vid Humlab med särskild inriktning på digital textanalys. Han arbetar i forskningsprojektet Welfare State Analytics (WeStAc).



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Första forskningsassistent vid Humlab
Samhällsvetarhuset, Humlab är beläget under UB Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Fredrik Norén is working as a senior research assistant at Humlab – the digital humanities center at Umeå University – with a special focus on digital text analysis. Norén completed his PhD in media and communication at Umeå University in 2019, with a thesis on the formation of governmental information in Sweden 1965–1975. He has a background in film studies (major) and political science (major) from Lund University. Norén has also been a visiting student researcher at Stanford University (2016) and Columbia University (2017).

Norén’s research centers on the intersections between digital humanities, media history and political culture. In particular, his areas of interest are digital text methods and governmental agencies’ media strategies and use of information during the Post-War era.

Currently, Norén is working in the two research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council. First, Welfare State Analytics (WeStAc, 2019–2023, westac.se/en), which will text mine and model Swedish politics, media and culture between 1945 and 1989. The project will digitise literature, curate already digitised collections, and perform research via probabilistic methods and text mining models.

The second project is International Ideas at UNESCO (InIdUn, 2021–2024, inidun.github.io), which will explore the vast quantity of texts produced by UNESCO to understand how core concepts like “culture” and “communication” were affected by decolonization and globalization. By using computational methods our approach will shed light on the intellectual history of the process by which international society became global.

For 2021 and 2022 Norén has also been granted internal research funding (30 %) from the Faculty of Arts. This grant will be used to edit the collective volume Between Propaganda and Information: Transnational Media Histories of the Nordic Model (working title) together with Emil Stjernholm (Lund University) and Claire Thomson (University College London).

Norén has teaching experience from all educational levels and has been involved in a broad range of courses, especially related to media and communication as well as digital text analysis. He is also an editor at Journal of Digital Social Research.

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Publicerad: 17 jun, 2021
Publicerad: 04 feb, 2019