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Record-breaking Umeå conference on the future of the Arctic

Record-breaking Umeå conference on the future of the Arctic

The Arctic Temperatures are rising, and life on earth changes. The fastest change takes place in the North, in the Arctic. That is a fact. But what societal challenges await? Will the Arctic still be habitable for humans? Is this a new hotbed for emerging diseases and conflicts? On 8–12 June 2017, world-leading researchers will gather in the hundreds at Umeå University to discuss the future for people and societies in the North.

Severe psoriasis predominantly affects men

Severe psoriasis predominantly affects men

Dermatology The fact that men are overrepresented in psoriasis registers and consume more psoriasis care have long led researchers to believe that the common skin disease disproportionally affects men. A unique study with 5,438 Swedish psoriasis patients now reveals that women have a statistically significant lower incidence of severe psoriasis compared to men.

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Highly satisfied students

Buddy Programme.International students give Umeå University top marks in the 2016 International Student Barometer. Overall placement is #3 in Sweden and #5 in Europe.
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Culture on Campus presents:

On Global Piano Day:
Olov "Klyv-Olle" Lindroth

Wednesday 29 March 12:10–12.50
Ljusgården Atrium, Teacher Education Building

A solo piano concert with Olow Lindroth playing Swedish folk music to celebrate the Global Piano Day.

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