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New clues about the ageing memory functions of the brain

New clues about the ageing memory functions of the brain

MEDICAL BIOLOGY A European study led by Umeå University Professor Lars Nyberg, has shown that the dopamine D2 receptor is linked to the long-term episodic memory, which function often reduces with age and due to dementia. This new insight can contribute to the understanding of why some but not others are affected by memory impairment. The results have been published in the journal PNAS.

Less fish in the future Baltic Sea

Less fish in the future Baltic Sea

ECOLOGY In the northern parts of the Baltic Sea both precipitation and river discharge are expected to increase as a result of climate changes. The increased river discharge will lead to a higher inflow of river-borne dissolved organic matter to the coastal zone, which in turn will promote bacterial production.

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Refugees and integration – what is Umeå University's role?

Last year, around 160,000 people sought asylum in Sweden on the run from wars, conflicts and threats. Most of them have an academic background. Umeå University is working hard to support newly arrived academics in order to make the most of these individual's professional qualifications.Read more...

2016 Graduation Ceremony Highlights

The 2016 Graduation Ceremony for international master's degree recipients was held on 24 May at Aula Nordica.

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TEDxUmeå 2016

Nasim Sabouri is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics. She is also one of the Wallenberg Academy fellows in Medicine for 2015, a career program for Sweden’s most promising young scientists.Check out all our researchers who spoke at TEDxUmeå 2016