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World Water Day focusing on wastewater

World Water Day focusing on wastewater

Why waste water? On 22 Wednesday 2017, Umeå and the rest of the World celebrate the World Water Day. This year’s theme is “Why waste water?”. Jerker Fick at the Department of Chemistry leads a research project on purifying wastewater from pharmaceutical residue.

Heat exposure associated with mental illness

Dissertation A mental hospital-based study in Hanoi, Vietnam looked at if there is a relationship between heat exposure and mental health problems. The results showed significant increase in hospital admissions for mental illnesses during periods of heatwaves, especially during longer periods of heat exposure. This is according to a doctoral thesis from Umeå University.

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Highly satisfied students

Buddy Programme.International students give Umeå University top marks in the 2016 International Student Barometer. Overall placement is #3 in Sweden and #5 in Europe.
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On Global Piano Day:
Olov "Klyv-Olle" Lindroth

Wednesday 29 March 12:10–12.50
Ljusgården Atrium, Teacher Education Building

A solo piano concert with Olow Lindroth playing Swedish folk music to celebrate the Global Piano Day.

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