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2014 International Student Scholarship Reception

2014 International Student Scholarship Reception

scholarships On 16 October, international students gathered for the Second Annual Scholarship Reception along with University Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education Anders Fällström. The reception is designed to celebrate the success of Umeå University’s high achieving international students and act as an on-campus networking opportunity.


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Researcher Blog: Johanna Björklund

Johanna Björklund's research is within theoretical computer science with applications in language technology.

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International Scholarship Recipient

Alexis Nielsen - Master's in Geoecology student and Umeå University Scholarship Recipient

Alexis Nielsen, from the United States, studies in the master's degree in geoecology programme at Umeå University. She is one of the recipients of the Umeå University Scholarship. 
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