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Seoljong Kim is Global Swede 2017

Seoljong Kim is Global Swede 2017

Prize Seoljong Kim, student of Master’s programme in Plant and Forest Biotechnology, is Umeå University’s Global Swede for 2017. The annual recognition of Global Swede is a joint initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swedish Institute. This is the seventh year this recognition is awarded.

Genetic mutation linked to aortic dissection in the chest

Genetic mutation linked to aortic dissection in the chest

Artery Researchers at Umeå University have discovered a genetic mutation that can cause dissection of the thoracic aorta, which is the body’s main artery. The mutation leads to an impaired function of the smooth muscle cells of the aortic wall and thus an increased predisposition for aortic dissection.

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Culture on Campus presents:

Filip Lundgren

Wednesday 24 May
The inner courtyard at SLU

(Weather not permitting: in Hansson and Hammar, SLU)

Filip on his new song Förlåt (Forgive):
"Forgive is about asking for forgiveness for something. The tricky thing is that I'm not sure that I've actually hurt anyone or done anything wrong. That's what can happen to people like me who get a bad conscience about 100 times a day."Read more