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World-class laboratory in laser optics being built at campus

World-class laboratory in laser optics being built at campus

Laser research An enthusiastic László Veisz shows his laser lab in the basement of the Natural Sciences Building at Umeå University. His research on ultrafast processes is now reaching the incredible time scale that describes electron movements in atoms, molecules and ionised plasma.

Training during first half of menstrual cycle most efficient

Training during first half of menstrual cycle most efficient

Exercise Research at Umeå University provides new insights into when during the menstrual cycle it is advantageous to periodise your strength training. The results show that training that is concentrated to the first two week of the cycle have more of an effect on muscular strength, power and muscle mass. The study is a part of a dissertation that also shows that periodic training could be implemented without any female specific exercise-related complications and was perceived positively by participants.

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Umeå Campus top ten of Swedish designer parks

Picture of Umeå pondUmeå University Campus Park with its outdoor seatings in different levels, a floating jetty and rolling hills around the central pond is one of Sweden’s most successful landscaping projects.

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Porträttbild på Martin RosvallMartin Rosvall works as an associate professor in Physics and is director for IceLab. He writes from the fourth IceLab Camp for young researchers.

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15 September: Oh, well. What’s an interdisciplinary workshop?

International Alumni Interview

Interview with Seri (Saekyoung) An: 2011 Transportation Design graduate from Umeå Institute of Design

Seri (Saekyoung) An from South Korea is a 2011 Transportation Design master's programme graduate from the Umeå Institute of Design. She works today as an automotive user experience designer.

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