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Forest and watercourse interplay important for restorations

Forest and watercourse interplay important for restorations

Ecology Humans utilise forests and watercourses in a way that depletes ecosystem habitats, biodiversity and ecosystem services. Many areas are restored to break the trend, but to succeed you need to consider not only the ecosystem in mind, but also surrounding ecosystems. This according to researchers in Umeå in Sweden in an article published in BioScience.

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New Vice-Chancellor:
"All cards on the table"

Hans Adolfsson

Picture of Hans Adolfsson.On 1 July, Hans Adolfsson took over as Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University. To him, openness and collaboration is just as much a philosophy of life as part of a scientific method.

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2016 Graduation Ceremony Highlights

The 2016 Graduation Ceremony for international master's degree recipients was held on 24 May at Aula Nordica.

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