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July 2018

15 September–16 September

The Ordinary Woman

Exhibition Four students from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts show works in the Academy's gallery.

15 September at 17:00–21:00

Art Friday!

Other Friday evenings with art and open bar at Bildmuseet. This first Art Friday offers a performance by the Jerusalem-based artist, Jumana Emil Abboud (19:00). DJ: Jonas Malte Holmberg (Komeda, Projektor 7, Gilles & Felix, etc).

16 September at 11:00–15:00

Pilgatan Cultural Market

Other Pilgatan Cultural Market continues all the way to Bildmuseet. The creative workshop is open to visitors of all ages.

16 September at 13:00–14:00

Music with guided tour

Other Johannes Pollak has composed new music inspired by artworks at Bildmuseet. It will be performed by students from the Piteå School of Music during a tour by museum curator Brita Täljedal.

16 September at 15:00–16:00

Presentation and readings

Other Editor Pernilla Berglund presents the latest edition of the Provins publication. Readings by poets Sanna Ulfsparre and Najlaa Eltom

17 September at 13:00–14:00

Director Katarina Pierre gives a guided tour

Other Director and curator Katarina Pierre talks about a personal selection of works by Jumana Emil Abboud in the exhibition The horse, the bird, the tree and the stone. Language: Swedish

18 September at 09:00–15:00

Welcome Day - introduction to Umeå University

Course/education All new international researchers and staff members at Umeå University are welcome to attend the introduction day arranged by International Staff Support.

19 September at 18:00–22:00

Public opening at Umevatoriet - Tuesdays 6-10 PM

Other Would you like to embark on a virtual tour of the cosmos, look at the night sky through a telescope and learn more about the universe? Everybody is welcome to visit Umevatoriet - Umeå’s planetarium and science center - every Tuesday evening.

20 September at 12:10–12:50

Bob Hansson - On social sustainability

Culture on Campus Sustainability is not just about the environment, there is also a social sustainability to take care of. How do we get our human relationships to last?

20 September at 16:00–21:00

FabLab Sliperiet Wednesdays 16-21

Other Welcome to FabLab, a Fabrication Laboratory open for anyone who wants to manufacture almost anything. Here you will be able to try out digital tools like 3D printers, sewing machines, laser cutters and software for drawings and patterns. No previous knowledge is needed and it's free to come here.

21 September at 15:00–16:00

Cryo-EM systems at UmU and technology updates

Higher seminar (incl lic) Open Lecture by Joanne Lo, Thermo Fisher Scientific, in connection with the ongoing Basic Course in SEM and TEM, 1 ECTS, 20-22 September 2017

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