Calendar of Events

November 2017

3 November–11 November

Masters Fall Exhibitions

Exhibition For the second part of the Masters Fall Exhibitions the artists Jenny Käll, Ariadna Mangrané and Alexander Skats explore various positions of spectatorship, the role of material and language and its effects on perception.

7 November–8 November


Conference Annual meeting at KBC. News and updates; midterm PhD students of the KBC-Departments present their PhD projects in a poster and short talks. Guests are welcome! News from the KBC infrastructures.

7 November at 11:00–13:00

Global Village

Other Visit Global Village – a presentation of Umeå University’s multicultural campus where international students display their countries and cultures in various ways in the Lindell Hall.

7 November at 13:00–15:00

How to apply for calls from MMW or MAW? Routines and tips for application

Seminar Information and advice on how to write proposals to MMW, The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation (e.g. law, social sciences) and MAW, The Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation (e.g. humanities, learning).

7 November at 13:15–15:00

Twitter data for social researchers

Workshop A DIGSUM research methods event.