Managerial Perspectives on Strategy, People, Projects and Processes D, 30.0 Credits

About the course

The course covers key issues of crucial importance for understanding the challenges facing today’s managers and firms. The course highlights various management perspectives and focuses on the human aspects of organizing, project management, change, and the strategy processes. It is an intellectually challenging course for students, who are required to demonstrate their abilities across various management areas as they complete the courses.
1. Perspectives on strategy, 7.5 hp/credits
2. People – the human side of organizing, 7.5 hp/credits
3. Project management, 7.5 hp/credits
4. Strategizing - planning and processes, 7.5 hp/credits

Level of Education: Advanced

Notes: Scheman/Schedules.

This is a course at Master's level in a MSc-degree at Umeå University. The course can also be included in study programmes in Business Administration and Economics at Umeå School of Business and Economics.


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