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Research at Umeå University is innovative and extends over many disciplines and scientific fields. Many of our more than 2,000 researchers and teachers are among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. Our strong research environments highlight our ambition to conduct high quality international research.

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We carry out groundbreaking, top-level international research within such areas as ageing and population studies, infection biology, global health, and plant and forest biotechnology.

Research News

New book: "Visiting the Visitor"

A new book raises how the study of visitors to museums has undergone a fundamental change. One of the two authors of the book "Visiting the Visitor - An Enquiry Into the Visitor Buisness the Museum" is Kerstin Smeds, Professor of Museology, Umeå University.

Telco Cloud: cloudy with a chance

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in our lives. That means the cloud must be too. How will telecommunications companies adapt in order to support our networked society?

Björn Adlerborn has defended his licentiate thesis

Björn Adlerborn has defended his licentiate thesis entitled ”Parallel Algorithms and Library Software for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem on Distributed Memory Computer Systems”.

Take part in the photo competition: "Youth Vision: Becoming adult today"

In order to better understand youths’ experience of becoming adult, EXCEPT Project launches a photo competition. The contest runs for 1 July.

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Advancement of Research Leaders

Anna Överby Wernstedt is one of the researchers that have been awarded an individual grant for the Advancement of Research Leaders (FFL) by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Her research studies Flavivirus, in particular tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV).

The video has English subtitles.