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Research at Umeå University is innovative and extends over many disciplines and scientific fields. Many of our more than 2,000 researchers and teachers are among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. Our strong research environments highlight our ambition to conduct high quality international research.

We carry out groundbreaking, top-level international research within such areas as ageing and population studies, infections, and plant and forest biotechnology.

Research News

Esteban Guerrero has defended his Lic Thesis

Esteban Guerrero has defended his Lic Thesis entitled “Supporting Human Activity Performance Using Argumentation-Based Technology".

Jayalakshmi Baskar has defended her Lic Thesis

Jayalakshmi Baskar has defended her Lic Thesis entitled “Adaptive Human-Agent Dialogues for Reasoning about Health".

Nano-engineering enhances charge transport and promises more efficient future solar cells

Solar cells based on semiconducting composite plastics and carbon nanotubes is one of the most promising novel technology for producing inexpensive printed solar cells. Physicists at Umeå University have discovered that one can reduce the number of carbon nanotubes in the device by more than 100 tim...

Patrik Svensson coopted as a member of DIGIHUMLAB’s Advisory Board

Patrik Svensson, professor in the Humanities and information technology at HUMlab, has been invited to participate as a member of DIGIHUMLAB's Advisory Board.

Umeå University again #1 in Sweden and the Nordic region in young universities ranking

Umeå University is ranked 24th in the world in the 2014/15 ‘QS Top 50 under 50’ league table. This represents a top ranking among higher education institutions in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The ranking list focuses on the highest performing young institutions established in the past 50 years.

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Ranked 24th in the world of universities under 50 years old. 1st in the Nordic countries.