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Manual: Register student thesis

Degree projects and student theses produced at Umeå University must be registered in DiVA and a pdf of the thesis must be uploaded for archiving purposes. With your approval, the thesis can also be published and openly accessible in DiVA.

Register thesis with several authors

If you register a thesis in full text and there are several authors to the thesis, all authors must approve by signing a publishing agreement. The signed agreement should be archived in DiVA, you can upload it to DiVA yourself.

Use this form, should the department not provide a form of their own:

Start your registration

Log in to DiVA using your Umu-id.

Choose "Add publication" and select publication type “Student thesis”.

The registration is carried out in three steps:

  1. Fill in information about your thesis.
  2. Upload a pdf version of your thesis.
  3. Review all details and submit your registration for final approval.

Fill in information about the authors of the thesis – yourself and any potential co-authors. Fill in information about your thesis and the degree that the thesis is a part of.

Mandatory fields are marked with * in the manual.

Mandatory information when publishing a student thesis in DiVA

  • Name
  • Department/section
  • Title
  • Thesis level (including credits, subject and course/programme)
  • Year and number of pages
  • National subject category
  • Keywords
  • Abstract
  • If and when the student thesis should be made openly available
  • A pdf of the student thesis

Authors of the thesis


Fill in your last name and first name. If there are several authors, please click “Another author” and fill in the co-authors details as well. Enter the authors in the same order as they appear on the thesis title sheet.

It is not mandatory to fill in your Umu-id (Local user id), but it is recommended. Your Umu-id is a permanent identifier that makes sure you are linked to your thesis even if you change names or share the same name with someone else.

Read more about the Umu-id:

Persistent identifiers for researchers and authors


Click “Choose organisation” and search for or find your department/section in the list using the + and - symbols.

Please note that it is important that you choose the right department/section in order for your thesis to be registered and approved. If you are unsure, please ask your supervisor or a thesis administrator at your department/section.

If you specify a section, its parent department will be automatically registered.

Read more about the departments and sections at Umeå University.

Email address

Fill in your email address if you want to receive a confirmation email when your student thesis has been registered and when the registration has been approved by your department. Your email address will not be visible through searches in DiVA.

Other organisation

This field should only be filled in if the student thesis was written at another university. If you wrote the thesis at Umeå University, this field must be left empty.


Please state if you have cooperated with any external partners outside the University. The external partner’s name is then specified in the text field.

About the student thesis


State the title of the thesis, any potential subtitle and the language of the title.

If your thesis has a title in another language, this is to be entered in the field “Alternative title”, and the language must be selected from the listed options.

Degree level*

This field describes the degree level that the thesis aims to achieve.

Select thesis level and how many university credits the thesis involves.

Select your educational programme and subject/course if it is available in the listed options. If your education is not included in the lists, you can carry on without filling in these fields.

Year and number of pages*

Please specify the year when the thesis was finally approved.

Enter the number of pages. The number of pages to enter should be the same as the last numbered page of the thesis. Appendices must not be included in the number of pages.

Publication series

If your student thesis is part of a series, select the series from the listed options, fill in the number of your student thesis in the series.

If the series is not listed, please enter the details in the section for “Other series”.

Most student theses are not included in a series.


In the identifier field, you can fill in permanent identifiers linked to the publication.

If your department/section has instructed you to fill these fields in, please follow their instructions.

If you have not been instructed to fill in the fields, please leave them empty.

National subject category*

Choose national subject category from the listed options. You can either search for or find your category by using the + and - symbols.

Choose the (or those) subject categories that best correspond to your subject. Good enough is all you can do as an exact match may not be possible.


You can enter the subjects you find best describe your thesis in the text field under keywords. Keywords should be short, and consist of one or a few words. You can add several keywords after another. Separate your keywords with commas.


Copy and paste the “abstract” or “summary” used in your thesis.

Read through and make sure the text looks right. Pay particular attention to spaces and paragraphing, and make sure no extra characters have been accidentally included. The paragraphing is correct if there is a space between paragraphs.

Supervisor and examiner

Enter the supervisor’s and the examiner’s names. If you have several supervisors, you can use the button “Another supervisor” or “Another examiner” to add them. 

If you have not been given more information about your supervisor or examiner from your department/section or supervisor, you do not have to enter any further details.


You do not need to enter a presentation unless you have been instructed to do so by your department.

Upload the thesis for archiving and publication

It is mandatory to upload a file of your student thesis into DiVA. You can choose between only archiving the file and making it openly accessible whilst also archiving it.


Check the box if the content of your thesis is non-disclosable. If this is the case, the registration number of that decision must be specified.

When should the file be made openly accessible?*

Choose if you want the thesis only to be archived or if it should also be made openly accessible for everyone to read. Archiving is mandatory and means that the thesis will be stored for the future.

Make freely available now: If you want the thesis to be openly accessible to be found and read in DiVA. The thesis will also be archived.

Make freely available later: If you want the thesis to be openly accessible, but would like a delay before it is published. The thesis will also be archived.

Only for archiving: If you only want to archive your thesis and are not interested in others being able to find and read it.

You can also choose to publish your file openly accessible to begin with but specify a date for when the file should be hidden.

Specify the relevant dates in the fields. Fields that are not relevant are grey and cannot be used.

Information that you have registered about the thesis (metadata such as author, title, abstract etc.) will be visible to anyone searching in DiVA even if you only choose to archive the thesis.


Select “fulltext” and “pdf”. Make sure the file that you are to upload is saved in pdf format. 

The field “Give the file a name” should be left blank.

Upload file*

The student thesis must be uploaded in A4 format as a PDF. The entire thesis, including title sheet and appendices must be included in the same file.

The title sheet contains information on authors, title and thesis level. You must also specify that the thesis was written at Umeå University. Use the title sheet or cover template that the University provides. Ask your department/section or supervisor what template to use.

Upload the signed publishing agreement here if the thesis is registered in full text and there are several authors to the thesis.

You can either upload the file from your computer by clicking “Välj fil” (Choose file) or, if your thesis exceeds 1GB, through a URL.

Click “Upload”.

Publishing conditions when making your thesis openly accessible

Read and approve the publishing conditions before making your thesis openly accessible. By checking the box, you approve that your thesis is published in DiVA. If the thesis contains parts (for example images) where someone else owns the copyright, you must have permission from the owner to publish the thesis in full text.

Your department/section may use a separate form to collect approval for publication. In that case, your department/section will inform you of the routines.

If you have chosen “Only for archiving”, the box with publishing conditions will not be shown.

Reviewing, publishing and archiving

On the last page of the form, you can see all the details you have entered. Please check that everything is correct. If you wish to edit anything, click “Edit information” on the top left or click “Back” to go back to make changes. Check that the PDF can be opened by clicking the red link.

When all details are correct and the file is openable, please click “Submit”.

What happens next?

When you submit your student thesis, the registration will be reviewed by an administrator at your department/section before it is published in DiVA. Consequently, you cannot see your thesis in DiVA immediately after registration.

When the administrator has published or archived your thesis, you can find it in DiVA, on, and through search engines like Google Scholar. If you have entered your email address, you will also receive confirmation of when the student thesis has been registered and another confirmation when the thesis has been published or archived.

Questions about registration of student thesis

Do you need to correct a mistake?
Are you in need of a speedy publication?
Do you want to know if your thesis was successfully registered?

Please contact an administrator at your department/section for assistance and further information.

Manual as PDF

It is possible to print or save the page as a PDF by using the print option of the web browser.

The manual is also available as PDF.

Register and publish student thesis (592 kB)