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Image: pexels.com, Simon Matzinger

Arctic Graduate School with a focus on Sustainable Development

The Arctic Graduate School collaborates with different departments around the employment of doctoral students. It offers workshops, field trips, seminars and much more to the doctoral students.

About the Arctic Graduate School 

The Arctic Graduate School is located within the umbrella of Arcum and has sustainable development as a focus, in addition to the Arctic perspective.

The first cohort of doctoral students will commence their training in the autumn of 2022. During the spring semester, ten doctoral positions in different areas are being advertised.

Pedagogical model and planned activities

To create an arctic context for the student and supervisors, the Arctic Graduate School is offering course activities on perspectives on sustainability in arctic research of 15 ECTS (7,5 during the autumn of 2023 and 7,5 during the spring of 2024). ​

The autumn semester will feature a kick-off event, and once a year an excursion to Abisko, Rovaniemi, Vindelälven biosphere reserve, and Tromsö will be offered. 

In addition to the field trips, the Graduate School will arrange seminars, workshops and international collaborations. It will also arrange and participate in conferences and meetings of relevance to the doctoral students.

The supervisors actively participate in our activities and attend the supervisory board. The Individual Curriculum (ISP) is an important tool for our cooperation.

Funding model and cross-departmental cooperation

The Graduate School is based on a co-funding model where doctoral students are admitted and employed by the departments, but the Graduate School is covering 50% of the salary cost of the doctoral student. A cooperation agreement between the graduate school and the department formalizes the funding collaboration.

The process of advertising and selecting candidates for the doctoral student positions is being conducted by each department, with the Doctoral School as an informed party.

There are currently no open positions for this area. Do you want to see other job postings at the University? Go to open positions.


Linda Lundmark, head of the Arctic Research School

Contact information

Tasks are to develop and coordinate Arctic research and postgraduate education, with a special focus on societal responsibility. She will inspire interdisciplinary initiatives and benefit the wider community.

Latest update: 2023-01-12