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Studies and COVID-19

The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Government have announced that new COVID control measures may be necessary. Umeå University is following the issue closely, but will await making a decision regarding the university until the Government has decided on the national measures.

Summary of things to keep in mind.

Vaccination on Campus Umeå

A drop-in centre for vaccination against COVID-19 opens on Campus Umeå. Learn more about the vaccination centre

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New national COVID measures may affect Umeå University
Published: 03 Dec, 2021

Umeå University is closely following events and awaits a Government decision on potential new COVID measures.

How are you feeling, as a student? Participate in our health survey!
Published: 08 Nov, 2021

Undergraduate programme students in term 1 will receive a health survey via email on 17 November.

Google Apps shuts down
Published: 02 Nov, 2021

If you use Google Apps today you need to move your material and choose another service.

The Buddy Programme - like an extra family for the international students
Published: 01 Nov, 2021

The Buddy Programme helps international students get to know Umeå University through social activities.

Changed routines for COVID-19 testing
Published: 28 Oct, 2021

From 1 November, the routines for testing for COVID-19 differ if you have been fully vaccinated or not.

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