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Rules for administration of placements and study visits
Type Policy document
This rule describes how Umeå University administers placements and study visits. Additional information can be found in each faculty’s (and the Umeå School of Education’s) procedures for placements...
Rule for student influence
Type Policy document
This document describes the practical application of regulations at Umeå University relating to student influence as prescribed by laws and ordinances. This policy document is primarily for...
Decomissioning plan for facilities used for work with open radioactive sources at Umeå university
Type Policy document
This decommission plan describes the division of responsibilities and labor regarding the decommissioning of facilities at Umeå university that have been used for work involving open radioactive...
Template data management plan
Type Policy document
The template for data management plans at Umeå University basically follows the translation of Science Europe's core requirements for data management plans (https://www.scienceeurope.org/our-resour...
Research data policy
Type Policy document
This policy describes responsibilities and provides guidance on how Umeå University is to manage and preserve research data during the entire course of a research project from the planning stage,...
Rules for unofficial documents regarding the completion of study programmes
Type Policy document
When students have fulfilled the requirements for a degree, they should request a degree certificate from the university at their own initiative. A degree certificate is the only official document...
Rule for intermittent employment with hourly wage
Type Policy document
This policy document describes how Umeå University handles intermittent employment with hourly wage.
Rules for mobile phone contracts
Type Policy document
This document contains the rules for managing the costs incurred for those employees whose duties require a mobile phone contract.
Procedures – supporting good research practice and handling suspected deviations
Type Policy document
These procedures have two purposes. The first is to determine how to organise proactive work to promote good research practice and high-quality research at Umeå University. The second is to define...
Procedures for the Umeå University Medal of Merit
Type Policy document
Umeå University’s Medal of Merit is awarded every three years to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the University. The recipient of the medal can be a member of staff at the...
Latest update: 2023-03-08