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CEDAR Working papers

The CEDAR Working Papers (CWP) is a report series published by the Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research at Umeå University, Sweden. CWP publishes preprint research articles and scientific reports by researchers affiliated with the Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research as working papers.

CEDAR Working Papers, 28
Don’t worry, (s)he’s an adult! Adult children’s unemployment and parental depressive symptoms
Gumà-Lao, Jordi; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna

CEDAR Working Papers, 27
A hazards approach to the biometric analysis of infant mortality
Broström, Göran; Bengtsson, Tommy

CEDAR Working Papers, 26
Access and utilization of intimate partner violence-related services : The multiple-level barriers encountered by women with disabilities
Namatovu, Fredinah; Lövgren, Veronica; Wickman, Kim

CEDAR Working Papers, 24
Labor market trajectories of teenage mothers- and fathers : a sibling comparison study
Kalucza, Sara; Nilsson, Karina; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna

CEDAR Working Papers, 23
Infectious disease mortality among infants, seasonality and ambient temperature in Sweden, 1868-1892
Junkka, Johan; Hiltunen, Maria

CEDAR Working Papers, 22
Parental unemployment and adolescent wellbeing: The moderating role of educational policies
Baranowska-Rataj, Anna; Högberg, Björn; Bernardi, Laura
CEDAR Working Papers, 21
Income inequality in Swedish municipalities 1986-2013: Development and regional patterns
Edvinsson, Sören; Häggström Lundevaller, Erling; Malmberg, Gunnar; et al.
CEDAR Working Papers, 20
Intergenerational effects of parental unemployment on infant health: evidence from Swedish register data
Högberg, Björn; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna; Voßemer, Jonas 
CEDAR Working Papers, 19
Healthy migrant perspectives on disability and mobility in a nineteenth-century population
Junkka, Johan; Vikström, Lotta; Häggström Lundevaller, Erling
CEDAR Working Papers, 18
A longitudinal study of how disability affects mortality in Swedish Populations from the 1800s, 1900s and 2000s
Vikström, Lotta; Junkka, Johan; Namatovu, Fredinah; et al.
CEDAR Working Papers, 17
Liveable Disabilities: Life Courses and Opportunity Structures across Time in Sweden (Project Overview and Critical Reflections)
Vikström, Lotta; Wälivaara, Josefine; Ljuslinder, Karin
CEDAR Working Papers, 16
Disability benefits and work reconsidered: is work really good for people with disabilities?
Nordlund, Madelene; Larsson, Daniel; Stattin, Mikael
CEDAR Working Papers, 15
Opportunity structures in sports for people with disabilities in Sweden
Wickman, Kim; Torége, Linda
CEDAR Working Papers, 14
Equal Abilities: The Swedish Parasport Federation and the Inclusion Process
Nordlund, Madelene; Wickman, Kim; Vikström, Lotta; et al.
CEDAR Working Papers, 13
”Handikapptoaletten hade de som förråd”: Humors potential att synliggöra och utmana funktionsnormativitet
Söderlund, Hanna; Wälivaara, Josefine; Ljuslinder, Karin
CEDAR Working Papers, 12
Two Centuries of Disability Disadvantages in Swedish Partnerships
Vikström, Lotta; Junkka, Johan; Karhina, Kateryna
CEDAR Working Papers, 11
Two Centuries of Inequalities: Disability and Partnership in Sweden
Vikström, Lotta; Karhina, Kateryna; Junkka, Johan 
CEDAR Working Papers, 10
Supply or demand?: Institutionalization of the mentally ill in the emerging Swedish welfare state, 1900–1959
Liselotte, Eriksson; Junkka, Johan; Sandström, Glenn; et al.
CEDAR Working Papers, 9
Long-term Health Outcomes from Inbreeding: Longevity, Fertility and Impairment
Häggström Lundevaller, Erling; Vikström, Lotta; Sandström, Glenn
CEDAR Working Papers, 8
Behind the Numbers: Authorities’ Approach to Measuring Disability in Swedish Populations from 1860 to 1930
Wisselgren, Maria J.; Vikström, Lotta
CEDAR Working Papers, 7
The perspectives of professionals on providing services to women with disabilities that experience intimate-partner violence
Namatovu, Fredinah; Ineland, Jens; Lövgren, Veronica
CEDAR Working Papers, 6
Adverse selection in mutual benefit societies: an longitudinal approach
Andersson, Lars Fredrik; Liselotte, Eriksson; Lilljegren, Josef
CEDAR Working Papers, 5
The effects of involuntary job losses on depressive symptoms among couples
Vega, Alejandro; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna
CEDAR Working Papers, 4
Partner’s unemployment and well-being: the mediating role of relationship quality and stability
Vossemer, Jonas; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna 
CEDAR Working Papers, 3
Household risk strategies during a pandemic: Experiences from the 1918 influenza pandemic
Andersson, Lars Fredrik; Liselotte, Eriksson
Final version published in Scandinavian Economic History Review DOI:10.1080/03585522.2021.1984294

CEDAR Working Papers, 2
Is high social class always beneficial for survival?: a study of northern Sweden 1801-2013
Edvinsson, Sören; Broström, Göran
CEDAR Working Papers, 1
When things go wrong with you, it hurts me too: The effects of partner’s employment status on health in comparative perspective
Baranowska-Rataj, Anna; Strandh, Mattias
Final version published in Journal of European Social Policy, DOI: 10.1177/0958928720963330


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