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The Department of Language Studies is a research environment with projects within linguistics, literature, language teaching and learning, cultural studies and cognitive sciences.

Research into language and language use can take many forms. At the Department of Language Studies there are research projects concerned with linguistics and language history, literary studies, language teaching and learning, literacy, cultural studies and cognitive sciences, to name a few. Researchers work with historical and contemporary sources such as language data bases, language maps, fiction, travel writing, digital texts, spoken language and much more.

Research groups

CogLing UmU
CogLing UmU is a cluster of researchers who study language as an integrated cognitive phenomenon. Our research areas include lexical semantics,...
Northern Linguistic Landscapes
Northern Linguistic Landscapes. Visual(izing) languages in the North.

Research projects

Negotiations of power and gender in studio conversations about cross-country skiing.
Research subject: Language studies
1 February 2017 until 31 December 2020
Research project
Ethics, Emotion and Medicine in Late Medieval Culture
1 June 2014 until 1 June 2019
Research project