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Programme syllabus:

Bachelor Programme in Fine Arts, 180 Credits

Swedish name: Kandidatprogrammet i fri konst

This programme syllabus is valid: HT07 and valid until HT14 (newer version of the programme syllabus exists)

Programme code: HGFRI

Credit points: 180

Registration number: 511-3077-07

Responsible faculty: Faculty of Art

Entry Requirements

Basic requirements as well as work samples and interview. Note that deadline for applying is April 1. More information on how to apply at


The education in Fine Arts at the Bachelor's level is project-oriented in its structure, which is why the examinations take place continually during the supervision of the student's artistic work and participation in workshops, seminars etc.

The examination takes place in the sixth semester and consists of
- presentation of exam work with a focus on investigative artistic development (35 ECTS)
- documentation of exam work (photographs, video or other documentation appropriate for the format of the artistic work
- oral presentation of the exam work (a 30 min lecture)
- written presentation of exam work (a reflective text based on the artistic work of max four A4 pages).

The oral and written presentations are to contain an analysis of the work's background and context and a discussion of the method, application and references of the work within and outside the field of the work.

The exam work is presented for the student group, supervisor, instructor and external examiner who evaluates the work. In the evaluation, emphasis is placed on the effort and results, the knowledge and skills, its independence, insight and critical reflection, and the presentation as a whole.

For students who have not received a passing grade at a regular examination opportunity, another examination opportunity will be arranged. Students who have failed an examination twice have the right, according to the Faculty of Art's Board, to request that another examiner be chosen to determine the grade.

Description of the education for current education cycle

Content and organization
The education is internationally focused with many guest teachers from abroad and aimed at students who want to work professionally as artists in Sweden or abroad or within fields in society where artistic knowledge and research is of importance.

All students shall have access to a studio area during the education.

The instruction consists of project work (individually and in groups), tutorials (individually and in groups), lectures, seminars, courses and field studies.

Specific courses in order to receive a "proficiency certificate" are provided during the first study year and are necessary to have fullfilled for future studies in the workshops.

Courses in artistic work, theory and techniques as well as workshops and tutorials are offered from an extensive course catalogue. Students can each study year year in the Bachelor's programme take 25 ECTS, elective credits which means their own artistic work is equivalent to 35 ECTS per academic year. The expectation is placed on the students to establish their own plans for their studies in cooperation with their supervisor. 

Required work for the Bachelor's programme is
- an artistic work focused on artistic development work of 35 ECTS
- a cooperative project based on artistic work
- a written assignment that relates to the student's own artistic applications and its method
- regularly scheduled discussions with the supervisor on the studen's own work, and
- public presentations of the artistic work on at least two occasions during the study period.

National goals for current degree

National goals
Knowledge and understanding
For a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts students must

- demonstrate knowledge and understanding in their main field of study, including both knowledge in the practical and theoretical basis of the field, knowledge and experience of methods and processes, and in-depth knowledge and understanding in the field.

Skills and abilities
For a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts students must

- demonstrate an ability to describe, analyse and interpret forms, techniques and subject matter and reflect critically on their own and other people's artistic approaches, within their main field of study,
- demonstrate an ability, within their main field of study, to independently create, realise and express their own ideas, identify, formulate and solve artistic and design problems, and perform artistic tasks within specified time limits,
- demonstrate an ability to present and discuss their activities and artistic issues in dialogue with different groups, orally, in writing or in some other way; and,
- demonstrate the skills and knowledge requiredd to work independently in professional life.

Judgement and approach
For a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts students must

- demonstrate an ability to make assessments in their main field of study, taking into account relevant artistic, social and ethical aspects;
- demonstrate an understanding of the role of art in society; and
- demonstrate an ability to identify their need of further knowledge and to upgrade their capabilities.

Independent project (degree project)
For a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts students must have completed an independent project (degree project) worth at least 15  credits in their main field of study, within the framework of the course requirements.

Local goals for current degree

Local goals
Upon competion of the Bachelor's programme the student shall have

- a broad orientation of contemporary art's practioners, methods and impact,
- the theoretical and practical skills to allow them to express and formulate their artistic work and distinctive character in various media,
- a broad orientation in contemporary theory and art history,
- ability to critically analyse cultural ideas and contexts in which they exist and inspire and debate issues related to art or subjects that are of interest for art,
- skills to work for ethnic and cultural diversity,
- skills to work professionally as an artist in Sweden or abroad or within fields in society where artistic knowledge research are of importance.

Examination format

Degree project/ Independent project
Artistic work with a focus on artistic investigative development (35 ECTS) including a written assignment that relates to one's own artistic application and method.

Study year 1                           Study year 2                          Study year 3

Independent project, 35 ECTS Independent work, 35 ECTS Degree project, 35 ECTS
Courses, tutorials etc, 25 ECTS Courses, tutorials etc, 25 ECTS Courses, tutorials etc, 25 ECTS


Students will be graded with either pass or fail.

Transfer of Credits

Credit transfer
Students have the right to have and earlier education or activity examined to see if it can be accepted for academic credit. For more detailed information see the Higher Education Ordinance and

Approved leave from studies

Interruption of studies
Interruption of studies can be granted for special cases. Application is submitted to the head of the department.


Discontinuation of studies
Discontinuation of studies is reported to the head of the department.