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Agent models in Unity - reaching outside academia

Time Friday 5 February, 2021 at 12:15 - 13:00
Place Online via Zoom

Many of the agent models we build concern stakeholders outside academia, from domain experts to policymakers to the general public, and we're not always doing the best of jobs communicating with them. Part of the issue is due to the software we use to build agent models, such as NetLogo, which can be aggressively user-unfriendly to laypeople.

However, using newer, shinier software like the Unity game engine comes with its own challenges. Cezara Pastrav will talk about reasons to communicate your models to stakeholders, how we used Unity for this purpose, and what advantages or disadvantages we encountered.

To participate in the seminar #frAIday, please register here. We will send you a link to the Zoom event. Please note that you don't have to register for each event.

Event type: Lecture
Staff photo Cezara Pastrav
Cezara Pastrav
Research engineer
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