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AI for Everyone?

Time Friday 15 October, 2021 at 12:15 - 13:00
Place Online, Zoom.

Peter Verdegem is a  Senior Lecturer at Westminister School of Media and Communication.


We are entering a new era of technological determinism and solutionism in which governments and business actors are seeking data-driven change, assuming that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now inevitable and ubiquitous. But we have not even started asking the right questions, let alone developed an understanding of the consequences.

What we need is critical perspectives on AI: what it is and what it is not; what type of AI we need, what visions exist about this and who is behind them; and ultimately, how to think and talk about AI power and inequalities.

In this talk, I give an introduction to the book AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives. This book brings together critical interrogations of what constitutes AI, its impact and its inequalities in order to offer an analysis of what it means for AI to deliver benefits for everyone.

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Event type: Seminar

Dr. Pieter Verdegem

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