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AI Hackathon på Granö 2021

Time Tuesday 30 November until Thursday 2 December, 2021 at 10:00 - 13:00
Place Granö Beckasin

IceLab and the Medical Faculty invite you to take the spark of a collaborative research idea and turn it into a concrete research proposal in a stimulating setting.

The IceLab AI Medicine Hackathon’s first stage, the online AI Hackathon Pitch Event October 12th,  helped ignite collaboration between researchers in life science and medicine with AI researchers or data scientists that would otherwise not meet. The second stage now aims to transform those interdisciplinary sparks into feasible project plans with proof of concepts for ground-breaking interdisciplinary research.
The AI Hackathon at Granö will help you prepare for this multidisciplinary endeavour.
Have you initiated a promising conversation and possible new research collaboration between AI and life sciences? Are you creative and open-minded? We welcome you and your new team to join us in a retreat together with several other teams from multiple disciplines in AI and the life sciences.

AI Hackathon at Granö 2021 - IceLab

Event type: Workshop
Martin Rosvall
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