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Arctic Policy Development of China and Nordic Countries

Time Friday 14 January, 2022 at 09:30 - 11:00
Place Online: ZOOM

China-Nordic Arctic Research Center (CNARC) aims to develop collaborations in Arctic research, to increase awareness of the situation in the Arctic and to create a platform that can assist sustainable development.

On January 13-14, CNARC Online Symposium​ 2022 will be held on the theme Arctic Policy Development of China and Nordic Countries in the New Geopolitical Landscape



Thursday, 13th Jan 2022

ZOOM Meeting ID: 612 3964 6956

Chair: Dr. YANG Jian, Deputy Director, Shanghai Institutes of International Studies and Deputy Director of CNARC


08:30-09:00 (UTC Time)

Opening Session

  • Ms. CHEN Danhong, Deputy Director, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Natural Resources, PRC
  • Dr. Katarina Gårdfeldt, Director, Polar Research Secretariat of Sweden
  • Dr. SUN Bo, Deputy Director, Polar Research Institute of China
  • Dr. Dieter Müller, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Umeå University, Sweden


09:00-10:30 (UTC Time)

Session I: Nordic and China Arctic Policy: Review and Outlook
The workshop will be conducted in English only. It is expected that each presentation should take no more than 15 minutes.

  • Douglas Nord, Umeå University, Sweden’s New Arctic Policy
  • Timo Koivurova, University of Lapland, Finland’s New Arctic Policy
  • Andreas Østhagen, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway’s Arctic Policy: still High North, low tension?
  • Egill Thor Nielsson, Icelandic Center for Research, Icelandic New Arctic Policy
  • *TBC, The Coming Danish Arctic Policy
  • DENG Beixi, Polar Research Institute of China, China-Nordic Arctic Relations in a Rapidly Changing Arctic Geopolitics


10: 30-11:00 (UTC Time)

  • Comments and Questions


Friday, 14th Jan 2022

ZOOM Meeting ID:658 4960 2034

Chair: Dr. Peter Sköld, Professor, Umeå University and Deputy Director of CNARC

08:30-10:00 (UTC Time)

Session II: China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation: Domains and Approaches The workshop will be conducted in English only. It is expected that each presentation should take no more than 10 minutes.

  • XIA Liping, Tongji University, China’s Cooperation in Arctic Governance
  • SUN Kai, Ocean University of China, China's Arctic Engagement in the New Geopolitical Situation
  • Kjell Stokvik, Nord University, Prospect of Arctic Shipping form a Nordic Perspective 
  • XUE Guifang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Arctic Biodiversity and Sustainability: Cooperation between China and Norway
  • ZHAO Long, Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, New Reality and Agenda-setting for China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation in the Post-pandemic era
  • Deliang Chen, University of Gothenburg, Arctic Warming Revealed by Observations, Reanalysis, and Multiple CMIP6 Models


  • Arild Moe, Senior Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway
  • Timo Koivurova, Professor, University of Lapland, Finland
  • Egill Thor Nielsson, Senior Advisor, Icelandic Center for Research


10:00-11:00 (UTC Time)

Informal Meeting of Member Institutes (Representatives ONLY)
Chair: Dr. YANG Huigen, Director of CNARC

  • Next CNARC Symposium and Assembly Meeting
  • New Membership Application
  • Suggestion for the Post-pandemic Cooperation
Event type: Other
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