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Arctic Seminar: John Smol

Time Thursday 27 April, 2023 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Triple Helix

Engaging northern communities with research: A Canadian’s personal perspective

On this Arctic Seminar, the Arctic Centre invites John Smol, Professor at the Department of Biology and the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He will talk about the importance of Indigenous knowledge when it comes to climatic and environmental issues, and how the previously ignorant western scientists are changing their perspectives.

Indigenous peoples are often on the “frontlines” of climatic and other environmental stressors in the North. Many northerners are intimately associated with and have broad knowledge about local ecosystems. Yet, Western scientists have often ignored their perspectives. This is changing very quickly, at least in Canada, where information held by Indigenous knowledge holders is not simply something “nice to have” but in many cases is now required to be included in, for example, some environmental assessments. This presentation will summarize one example on Arctic flooding that included important information from Indigenous knowledge holders, followed by a short discussion of some lessons learned from Smol's engagements with Indigenous communities over the years.


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11:30 Lunch Sandwich (free)

12:00 Welcome
12:05 John Smol
12:25 Discussion with the researcher by the discussant
12:35 Discussion with the audience
12:50 Questions and ending


The seminar will be on site and online. You have to register for both. 

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We offer free lunch sandwiches for those who are attending on site.

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