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Make a donation to Umeå University

Umeå University conducts research and education with a vision to break boundaries and contribute with insights that can help humanity, society and the planet. No doubt you have hopes and aspirations for what you wish humans will achieve in the future. Maybe cure illnesses or find sustainable alternatives that do not drain the earth’s resources. This is where research and education comes in – and both individuals and companies can make a difference. We are grateful for your contributions!

Find your cause

Learn more about the causes available for donations at Umeå University. These cover a number of important fields of research and education, but you can also choose to donate to a cause of your choice or make a general donation to Umeå University.


Support students affected by the invasion of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is an act of violence and a humanitarian catastrophe that also affects students at Umeå University. The university wants to support these students and therefore initiates a fundraiser.

Democracy research

When anti-democratic forces become stronger, the universities’ role in studying democracy becomes vital.

Climate research

Exploring and studying the effects of climate change is an important part of our activities.

Arctic and Sami research

Our Nordic location is an advantage in taking a leading position in Arctic and Sami research.

Medical research

A donation to our medical research can save or improve the lives for those affected.

Infection research

Help us learn more about, for instance, antibiotic resistant microorganisms that are threatening our health.

Financial research

Subjects like entrepreneurship, taxation, economic growth and policy concern people’s everyday life and jobs.

Culture research

Human culture, sparsely populated hinterland and cultural traditions. How does societal change impact the future?

Forestry research

Forests constitute an important resource to Northern Sweden and we need to learn how to best look after them.


Curiosum increases people’s interest in science and technology through educational activities and experiences.


The art at the university’s contemporary art museum inspires to reflection, debate and creativity.

Choose your own cause

If you are passionate about a field that is not listed, you can choose your own cause.

General donation to Umeå University

Choosing between all important causes can be tough. Let us distribute your donation to where it is needed most right now

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Donate now

Support Umeå University by donating to one of our designated causes or the university in general.

Latest update: 2023-06-07