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CEDAR seminar - Michaela Kudrnáčová

Time Thursday 7 April, 2022 at 13:00 - 14:00
Place Fatmomakke NBVH plan 4

CEDAR seminar with Michaela Kudrnáčová.

Sleep in the context of the quality of life.

Sleep is a key aspect of life. On average, individuals sleep about one-third of their lifetimes, and variation in the amount and quality of sleep affects how a person feels both physically and mentally. Given that various sleep determinants (sleep-wake cycle, duration, etc.) are produced by the temporal organization of social life, social scientists should turn their attention to this phenomenon and also become more open to a multidisciplinary solution. Yet, with rare exceptions, sleep research has been dominated by biomedical approaches.

I intend to introduce my doctoral research, in which I am focusing on various sleep determinants in the context of quality of life with an emphasis on the social aspects. I am going to discuss the role of sleep in quality of life and how work conditions and family situation condition sleep.

I'm utilizing inputs from a large sample panel study Czech Household Panel Survey (CHPS) which repeatedly interviewed Czech households during 2015-2021 about their family life, time use, health, education and the labour market, social stratification, housing and political participation. Moreover, I plan to use also quite extensive data capturing the experience of Czech university students during a COVID-19 pandemic which was inspired by the COVID-19 International Student Well-being Study. Both CHPS and Czech university students data contain sleep variables according to the Munich ChronoType Questionnaire.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend the seminar, but please send an email to Mojgan Padyab so we will know approximately how many people will come.

Event type: Seminar

Michaela Kudrnáčová, Faculty of Social Science, Charles University, Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Mojgan Padyab
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