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CEDAR seminar with Jessica Dimka & Sara Itkonen

Time Thursday 23 May, 2024 at 13:00 - 15:00
Place Fatmomakke NBET floor 4 /Zoom

Welcome to the seminars given by two guest researchers at CEDAR. We start by Jessica’s presentation at 13.00 and continue with Sara’s presentation.

Jessica Dimka
, Assistent Professor at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA

Jessica is a biological anthropologist who studies how social and biological factors lead to health outcomes and disparities.

Modeling the 1918 Flu in Schools for Children with Disabilities

People with disabilities who live in institutions such as schools and nursing homes face complex risks during epidemics of infectious diseases. Biological characteristics associated with some disabilities may increase exposure, susceptibility, or complications of disease, while social conditions (e.g. crowded living conditions, stigma) could influence factors such as transmission of disease and access to health care.

Simulation modeling is a useful tool for understanding independent and interacting variables in epidemic outcomes. In this presentation, I will describe how I used archival data sources – including the Demographic Data Base – to build and estimate epidemiological parameters for an agent-based model of a school for deaf children during the 1918 flu pandemic. Results of simulations highlight the importance of social factors in particular for explaining epidemic outcomes and disparities between the children and the presumed non-disabled staff. 

Sara Itkonen, Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland

Sara is working on her dissertation on the effects of famines and wars on family formation in Finland, using individual-level family tree data from four rural parishes. She is currently finalizing the databases for analysis.

The Impact of Crises on Family Formation in Finland 1670-1900


All interested are welcome to participate in this seminar!
Contact Mojgan Padyab for zoom-link.

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