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FEK seminar series - Vladimir Vanyushyn

Time Thursday 30 November, 2023 at 13:30 - 14:30
Place Green Room

Exploring the effects of stakeholder orientation on de-internationalization decisions - how multinationals in Russia respond to the war in Ukraine

We are interested in exposing the extent to which de/internationalization decisions are affected by stakeholder orientation (broadly defined), as opposed to the other firm- and environment-level factors identified in existing research. Recognizing that ‘stakeholder orientation’ and ‘de-internationalization’ are coarse measures, we also dig deeper and provide a more granular understanding that considers different stakeholder orientations (e.g. shareholder, employee, and societal orientations) and their influence on specific approaches to de-internationalization (e.g. scale back, suspend, or withdraw). Empirically, we train attention on how MNEs with operations in the Russian Federation responded to the war in Ukraine.

FEK seminar series

Event type: Seminar
Vladimir Vanyushyn
Associate professor
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Siarhei Manzhynski
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