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IceLab Lunch Pitch with Cemal Erdem and Elin Chorell

Time Wednesday 28 February, 2024 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Glasburen, KBC

The Integrated Science Lab invites you to join the conversation centered around better computational models and understanding our metabolism. 

Who is pitching about what?

Pitch 1: Cemal Erdem, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Biosciences
Make computational models great again 
Interested in:
introducing his lab to the community, finding future collaborators and experimental data generators.

Pitch 2: Elin Chorell, Assistant Professor at Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
The Sphinx of our metabolism
Interested in:
finding collaborators experienced in sorting cell populations and/or tissue/single cell bioimaging to further unravel the spatial orientation of the bioactive sphingolipid derivatives identified in her model systems.

Join the conversation - ideas welcome from anyone!

Register to come to the pitch and reserve your lunch by 27 February at 10am:  


Event type: Seminar
Cemal Erdem
Assistant professor
Read about Cemal Erdem
Elin Chorell
Associate professor
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Gabrielle Beans Picón
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