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IceLab Lunch Pitch with Verena Kohler and Mattias Forsell

Time Wednesday 14 February, 2024 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Glasburen, KBC

The Integrated Science Lab invites you to join the conversation centered around healthy aging. 

Who is pitching about what?

Pitch 1: Verena Kohler, Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology
The aging chaperome: a new perspective on health and disease
Interested in: help developing sensors for mass spectrometry, introducing machine learning to her screen analysis, and exploring automation of our cross-correlation approaches.

Pitch 2: Mattias Forsell,  Professor at the Department of Clinical Microbiology
Understanding factors that may improve our decreased lifespan at old age
Interested in: finding collaborators who can help elucidate risk factors that lead to increased or shortened life expectancy in old individuals, using data from vaccination / infection on a population level.

Join the conversation - ideas welcome from anyone!

Register to come to the pitch and reserve your lunch by 13 February at 10am:  https://icelab.se/event/verena-kohler-and-mattias-forsell/


Event type: Seminar
Verena Kohler
Other position, assistant professor
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Mattias Forsell
Read about Mattias Forsell
Gabrielle Beans Picón
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