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One One One

Time Thursday 13 October, 2022 at 12:10 - 12:40
Place Ljusgården, Teacher Education Building

One chair, one dancer. This is the starting point for the work One One One by the choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis.

You sit on the chair; a dancer comes up to you and says:

- I will dance for you as long as we keep eye contact. What happens next is a silent dialogue, an exclusive meeting. An opportunity to see dance with new eyes. To see, to really see dance. When you have seen enough, you can leave the chair.

One One One is played in the public space. The work has been performed in the streets and squares, in a prison in Madagascar, at the Rikshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Mandafounis has developed a method where intuition is put first. The dancer becomes like a membrane that says "yes" to all his impulses in relation to the source, the audience on the chair.


Organizer: Culture on Campus
Event type: Other
Jonas Ericson
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