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Open lecture: Nate Breznau, University of Bremen

Time Wednesday 16 March, 2022 at 10:15 - 12:00
Place Humanisthuset, Hörsal G

Open Science in the Social Sciences

In connection with the Faculty of Social Sciences' newly started doctoral course, Nate Breznau from the University of Bremen will give a guest lecture. The lecture is in English and is open to everyone.

About Nate Breznau 
Nate is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Principle Investigator of “The Global Dynamics of Social Policy” project at the University of Bremen. His research includes public opinion, political attitudes, social policy, social inequality, and immigration. More recently his expertise has grown to include open science and meta-science in response to increasing evidence of questionable research practices in the social sciences.

This talk introduces practitioners and students to two concepts that are regularly heard across social science disciplines today: the ‘reproducibility crisis’ and the ‘open science movement’. Then it discusses how these potentially impact the social and behavioral sciences. It briefly reviews the events and discussions that cause many scholars, policymakers and the public to have negative views of science in recent years, and perceive that it may be in a crisis. It draws on examples from psychology, economics and political science; and related interdisciplinary fields. It will discuss empirical evidence to determine if there is indeed a crisis in the social sciences. The talk will also cover the open science movement and how all of us can practice open science right away, or what we should simply call ‘better science’. Other topics or keywords that will appear: p-hacking, HARKing, version control, faking data, ethical science, Mertonian norms, inequalities in science, transparency, replication and robustness.

Welcome to join the course
Doctoral students interested in learning more about topics discussed in this lecture, are welcome to join the course titled “Open Science for the quantitative social sciences” the syllabus and registration are available on this website:
The deadline for registering is on 4th March.

Event type: Lecture
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