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SciLifeLab Site Umeå / KBC Infrastructure Seminar with Johan Unge

Time Tuesday 28 March, 2023 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Glasburen, KBC

In the frame of the “SciLifeLab Site Umeå / KBC Infrastructure Seminar Series”, the seminars will be organised every second Tuesday during spring 2023. The seminars will be held in a hybrid format IRL in Glasburen, KBC, and online via Zoom. Learn more about the seminar series and Schedule for Spring 2023 here.

On March 28th, 12:00-13:00, SciLifeLab Site Umeå / KBC Infrastructure Seminar Series presents: 

Towards the routine data collection from pico-gram crystals using MicroED


Johan Unge

MicroED core manager and collaborator with the Gonen lab at UCLA, Los Angeles.


Sign up (latest by Monday, 27 March, 10 a.m.) for on-site attendance to reserve your free lunch sandwich:


or follow online via Zoom: https://umu.zoom.us/j/63138997026 (registration is not required).

Abstract: Although electron crystallography has been known almost a century, the current success for organic and biological samples started only a decade ago. The theoretical complications from effects such as for instance dynamical scattering can be largely overcome using continuous rotation as in MicroED or cRED. Today an exponentially growing number of structures are deposited to PDB and CSD from MicroED data collections. The technique has several advantages and is a sample saving addition to the structural biology toolbox. The ability to collect a full data set from crystals 100 nm thick has allowed the structure determination of several proteins from nano sized crystals as well as small molecules directly from powder. The ability to see electrostatic potential as well as hydrogen atoms is useful for many functional studies. Recent experiences, advantages and complications as well as newest developments towards an automatic, accessible and efficient crystal structure determination is presented.

Organisers: SciLifeLab Site Umeå and Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) 

Organizer: KBC
Event type: Seminar

Johan Unge

MicroED core manager and collaborator with the Gonen lab at UCLA, Los Angeles

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