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Seminar Series: Changing Arctic – Miguel San Sebastian

Time Tuesday 17 October, 2023 at 12:15 - 14:00
Place Zoom

Changing Arctic

Arctic Graduate School Seminar Series

Following on last year's pilot, there is a new round of the Arctic Graduate Shool Seminar series on perspectives on sustainability in Arctic research. This year's series of lectures is called "Changing Arctic", and will cover key concepts and perspectives to sustainability in the changing Arctic under the broad overarching theme of Green transition.

The seminar will run throughout the academic year of 2023-2024 as a series of monthly meetings that will take place in hybrid mode. Each lecture will consist of a short keynote talk by invited experts followed by group work.

Today, 17 October, Miguel San Sebastian will hold the lecture. He will talk about Is Sámi-ness different from Same-ness? Some reflections on the health of the Sámi in Sweden. Miguel San Sebastian is a Professor in Public Health at Umeå University.

Schedule for future seminars

17 October Miguel San Sebastian (UMU): Is Sámi-ness Different from Same-ness? Some Reflections on the Health of the Sámi in Sweden
9 November Tanja Joona (ULapland): A Justice Approach to (Economic) Development in the Arctic
7 December Janina Priebe (UMU): Energy Transition in the Arctic from a Historical Perspective
11 January Rolf Anker Ims (UiT): Arctic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Change – Monitoring and Management

For those interested in doing this as a course with course credits, contact Linda Lundmark for further instructions.

The seminars are arranged by the Arctic Five Universities University of Lapland, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, and Umeå University, and their respective Doctoral schools targeting Arctic areas.

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Staff photo Miguel San Sebastian
Miguel San Sebastian
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Linda Lundmark
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