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Seminar: Steven Nordin

Time Friday 19 February, 2021 at 13:15 - 14:15
Place Zoom

Research Ethics

Ethics in research is, and should be, a central issue in academia. The view on research ethics is constantly evolving, and requires an ongoing discussion. Such a discussion can also lead to stronger ethics applications through better ethical awareness and reflections, and thus a smoother and faster procedure for an approved ethics application. Since the Swedish Ethical Review Authority does not review student theses, the responsibility lies within the departments (including the supervisors) to ensure that the theses also follow the principles of the Ethics Review Act for good research practice.

Against this background, two seminars will be given via Zoom which will be held in English to include as many as possible:

Research Ethics I: From the Researcher’s Perspective

Here a presentation will be given on the development of research ethics, the principles that apply today, and tips on how common mistakes can be avoided for a successful ethics application. It ends with a general discussion.    


Event type: Seminar