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Sofia Jeppsson: Philosophers in armchairs conceiving of things

Time Wednesday 23 November, 2022 at 13:15 - 15:00
Place HUM.H.119 (prev. HD108)

The Research Seminar Series in Philosophy invites you to a seminar with Sofia Jeppsson, "Philosophers in armchairs conceiving of things". 

Abstract: In this talk, I will criticize how many philosophers of psychiatry go about analyzing psychopathological phenomena and psychiatric patients’ self-reports of experiences that the philosophers in questions never had themselves. It is common to assume, without good reason, both that their existing philosophical apparatus will suffice to capture not just common experiences but also much rarer psychopathological ones, and that psychiatric symptom labels capture relatively homogenous phenomena. The focus of the talk, however, will be on when psychiatric patients’ propositional statements cannot be taken literally. Of course, many different factors can make it more or less likely that someone speaks, e.g., metaphorically rather than literally. But a proposition need only be conceivable in a loose prima facie sense in order for a literal interpretation to be possible.


All interested are welcome to participate in this seminar.

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Event type: Seminar
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Sofia Jeppsson
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