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The Arctic Five presents: Challenges for a changing Arctic

Time Tuesday 27 August, 2019 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place The University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway

A popular science lunch seminar with researchers from the University of Tromsø and Umeå University on some of the challenges the Arctic faces today. For example: the environmental changes and the implications for coastal ecosystems and communities. How the nature can be used – and what we can learn from the people that depend on it. 

Follow the broadcast live here at Tuesday August 27
12:00-13:00 Swedish time (13:00-14:00 Finnish time).

Researchers from the University of Tromsø:

  • Matteo Chiesa
    Synthesis vs Analysis in tacking energy related challenges in the Arctic
  • Margherita Paola Poto
    Ocean Governance from an Indigenous Perspective
  • Vera Hausner
    Socioecological changes in the coastal Arctic

Researchers from Umeå University:

  • Malin Brännström
    Sami legal traditions and sustainable development
  • Johan Wikner
    Effects of massive melting of Arctic ice on the marine ecosystem
  • Ellen Dorrepaal
    Arctic ecosystems and our climate

Moderator: Berit Kristoffersen

The Arctic Five:

This is the second stop on a scientific tour that will visit all the five partner universities in the Arctic Five. These five are Luleå University of Technology, the University of Tromsø, the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, the University of Oulu and Umeå University.


Organizer: The Arctic Five
Event type: Lecture
Staff photo Johan Wikner
Johan Wikner
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Staff photo Malin Brännström
Malin Brännström
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Staff photo Ellen Dorrepaal
Ellen Dorrepaal
Associate professor
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Jonas Ericson
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