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Things we know to be true about indigenous education

Time Saturday 20 October, 2018 at 11:10 - 11:30
Place Humanities Building, Lecture Hall G

As a professor, Nancy H. Hornberger from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, has led linguistics educations for more than twenty years. She is internationally renowned for her work within bilingualism and biliteracy, ethnography, language policy, and Indigenous language revitalisation.

She has previously been visiting professor at the Department of Language Studies in Umeå and has added competence in the field of didactics in Sami languages at the teacher education and educational research.

Nancy H. Hornberger will be promoted as honorary doctor of philosophy at the Annual Celebration Ceremony on 20 October at 17:00 in Aula Nordica.

Organizer: Umeå University
Event type: Lecture