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UAS April 2023: Arctic Five cooperation on working in cold climate

Time Tuesday 4 April, 2023 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Triple Helix

Arctic Centre at Umeå University introduces Hans Pettersson, who will talk about the project within The Arctic Five, which aims to deepen collaborations between the Arctic Five Universities.

Hans Pettersson is Arctic Five Chair in Occupational Medicine and researcher in work environment medicine. On this Umeå Arctic Seminar (UAS), Pettersson will present his latest project.

The project aims to build research collaborations between researchers in occupational medicine at the Arctic Five Universities in Sweden, Norway and Finland.The collaborations will focus on work environment in arctic climate. The project also aims to develop education in work environment and occupational medicine when working in arctic climates.

Discussion leader

Ingrid Liljelind, Associate professor at the Section of Sustainable Health and Certified Occupational and Environmental Hygienist at the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic, University Hospital of Umeå.


11:30 Lunch Sandwich

12:00 Welcome
12:05 Presentation
12:25 Discussion with the researcher (by discussion leader)
12:35 Discussion with the audience
12:50 Questions and ending


You have to register if you plan to attend physically. Please use the registration form linked below.
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We offer lunch sandwiches for free, for registered attendees.

You don't have to register if you plan to attend digitally. Zoom link

Event type: Seminar
Staff photo Hans Pettersson
Hans Pettersson
Research fellow
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Monica Börlin
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