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Admission requirements

The Higher Education Ordinance regulates the requirements for admission to doctoral education; the applicants must fulfil both general and specific requirements and been deemed otherwise to possess the abilities required to succeed with their course of study. To meet the general requirements, students must complete a minimum of 240 credits during undergraduate education, or acquire the equivalent knowledge in some other way.

Eight semesters of studies must be completed to fulfil the general admission requirement for the medical and dental programmes. The intended supervisor may apply for early admission to doctoral education for the student. The application for early admission must be attached to the application for admission to doctoral education.

Special requirements vary by subject/subject area, and are specified in the subject's study plan for doctoral education and in the general curriculum for doctoral education in Medical science. Please note that the specific requirements must be fulfilled before admission to doctoral education.

Excerpt from the General curriculum for doctoral education in Medical science:

3.2. Specific admission requirements

In order to be admitted to doctoral education, it is required that the applicant has:

necessary knowledge from higher education or corresponding education and/or special professional experience that is assessed in relation to the research area.
necessary language skills in English, concerning both oral and writing skills. Assessment of these skills are made by having the intended doctoral student present his/her research plan in English for the department's doctoral education group.