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Published: 2019-03-11

Oscar in Turin

PROFILE Oskar (pictured right) chose to study in Italy.


Oskar Andersson

Where are you from?

Varberg in Halland, Sweden

The exchange destination?

University of Turin in Italy (UniTo)

When did you go on exchange?

I started my exchange in January 2018 and finished late April.

What courses did you study?

I've been studying principles of corporate finance, public management, Italian language and also a course in how food are supposed to be labelled.

Why did you choose to go as an exchange student in Italy and at the school UniTo?

I didn't really choose the school – I just really wanted to go to Italy and the alps in order to have time to ski but also see the culture and history of Italy since I haven't been there before! Fortunately I hit the jackpot – Turin has been great!

What do you find to be the biggest difference between studying in Italy and Sweden?

There's a big difference in administration at the school – the structure of the courses are a bit floating and you need to take a bigger responsibility to sort stuff out yourself.

What do you find the best with studying in Italy?

The people, both in Italy and other exchange students, everybody wants to get to know new people and are really outgoing. You won't have a hard time finding new friends both from Italy and other countries around Europe!

How do you find Torino as a student city?

There's a lot going on in Turin with different student associations connecting all different kinds of people, it's not like in Sweden where at least I mostly hang out with people from our faculty ''Handelshögskolan''.

What positive things did you gain during your exchange?

Everything was a positive experience, I mean it's like going on a vacation where you study! With a little bit of planning you can do a lot of stuff abroad as long as you make sure to make time to study. I think I managed to balance my studies with fun activities along the whole semester which made me value the experience to live in another country a lot!