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The Innovation Office at Umeå University

Good ideas based on solid knowledge pave the way for progress. Researchers, students and employees at the University can turn to the Innovation Office to investigate and develop early stage ideas and research results in a structured manner. Can they become novel products, methods, services or processes? Regardless of faculty, area of interest or discipline, the innovation journey begins here.

This is how we can support you

We in the innovation support help you to refine and realise your ideas. Regardless of faculty or discipline, our well-developed innovation support system is here to help you explore the possibilities and potential of your idea.
Developing ideas and innovations

Find out how we can help you to develop, finance and protect your idea.

The innovation support at Umeå University

Get support from the university’s extensive and well-constructed support system.

More about us

About the Innovation Office

The Innovation Office pave the way for ideas and knowledge transformed to innovations and utilisation.

Contact us

Contact the Innovation Office at Umeå University.

Seminars and workshops

Seminars and workshops for people interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and utilization.


There are currently no upcoming events for this area. Do you want to see upcoming events for the entire university? Go to our calendar.