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Copernicus Publications

Researchers working at any organisation participating in the Bibsam consortium can publish articles in Copernicus journals free of charge. The research funders cover the cost.

The four research funders, Swedish Research Council, Forte, Formas, and Vinnova, have decided to jointly fund publishing with publishers who only publish fully open access journals during 2024 and 2025. This means that researchers at Umeå University can publish articles in Copernicus journals without having to pay a publishing fee (APC, article processing charge). The same conditions apply to all researchers linked to an organisation in the Bibsam consortium.

List of participating organisations in the Bibsam consortium (in Swedish)

Terms and conditions for Umeå University

  • You must be the corresponding author, i.e., the one handling communication with the publisher and journal.
  • Your Umeå University affiliation must be stated in the published article.
  • You must use your university email ending with @umu.se in order to be identified as an Umeå University affiliated author.
  • The agreement covers all article types.
  • The agreement applies to articles with a 2024 submitted date.
  • Your article will be published under a CC BY license.

How the publishing process works

Articles to be published under the agreement are identified when a manuscript is submitted to a Copernicus journal.

Corresponding authors must choose:

  • Swedish universities, university colleges, public agencies, and research institutes under “Is the corresponding author affiliated with one of the following institutions?”;
  • Umeå University under “Affiliation”.

Contact the publisher if you have further questions about the publishing process.

Latest update: 2024-05-30