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Digital Media Lab (DML)

Research group Media and Interaction Technology is a constantly growing field with real-life applications of high sustainable value. Our main focus is always value. Value in any form, whether it is user value, business value, social value or environmental value, it is all about creating a long-lasting sustainable value for our future. Since communication and interaction always have been important for humanity, we believe that Media and Interaction technology is a crucial piece to create our future.

Digital Media Lab is a network of researchers, teachers, PhD students and undergraduate students that perform research and teaching within Media and Interaction Technology at Umeå University in Sweden. We want our research to have impact for the future and therefore an important part of Digital Media Lab is education and teaching and the highly successful five-year integrated Master of Science program in Interaction Technology and Design. Our network and the ongoing changes in technology will always affect our research, just as we believe that our research will affect the changes in the world. Therefore, our research is interdisciplinary in its core and also involve pedagogy and engineering didactics. We are always looking for new members of our family and our network and please contact us if you want to collaborate on research or teaching.




Adi Anani

Alaa Halawani

Farid Abedan Kondori

Jean-Paul Kouma

Bo Li

Haibo Li

Li Liu

Samuel Sonning

Sara Mejtoft

Ole Norberg

Shahrouz Yousefi

Yang Zhong

Head of research

Thomas Mejtoft
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Research area

Electrical, electronic and system engineering
Interactive methods for process control

Researchers want to facilitate process control by the use of interactive methods

Latest update: 2020-09-09