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Participation and Application

The course is open to all PhD students. Please apply to join the course by completing the application form below and sending it to Richard Giulianotti and Josef Fahlén. Priority will be given to PhD student participation, but if possible we may consider the involvement of Masters and post-doctoral students.

Please, fill in the application form

Surname, first and middle name(s):
Date of birth:
For Norwegian PhD candidates - social security numbers (11 digits):
Postal code / Town:
E-mail adress:
Title of PhD project:
PhD programme:
Dietary requests:

Send it to:
richard.giulianotti@usn.no and josef.fahlen@umu.se


To receive credits for the course, registration must also be made at University of South-Eastern Norway: https://www.usn.no/phd-courses/ (scroll down to the course 9227 under Culture Studies for Fall 2022). Please note that this may not apply for students enrolled in systems with other credit structures (such as Germany and Switzerland for example).

Latest update: 2022-04-11