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About the symposium

One impending challenge in today’s school is to ensure that all students’ have access to an equal education (Jobér, 2015), which should in turn create social and economic conditions for both individual and society (Lundahl, 2016). The equality aspect is especially emphasized in small and medium-sized municipalities, which, unlike metropolitan regions, often have significant difficulties in recruiting qualified teachers, in turn restricting students' right to an equal education in rural schools (cf. Pettersson, 2017).

The conference “Remote teaching to ensure equal access to education in rural schools” will explore possibilities for ensuring equal access to education in rural schools through the use of remote teaching. At the conference different strategies to systematically and proactively increase the access to education at upper secondary school level using digital technologies will be discussed. It will bring together representatives from four Nordic countries and will invite for discussion different constituencies (researchers, school leaders, school intendent, teachers, and other practitioners) within the region of Västerbotten in Sweden.

Latest update: 2023-02-13