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Wednesday 6th of May

13.00 - 14.00
A Swedish Perspective 

J Ola Lindberg
will introduce the symposium and give some background to the research programme “Remote teaching in the region 10 and municipality of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden”

Video presentation: J Ola Lindberg

Katarina Öjefors Stark and Jörgen From 
Presentation: Three perspectives on remote teaching in the region 10

Video presentation: Katarina Öjefors Stark and Jörgen From

Saga Stenman and Fanny Pettersson 
Presentation: Remote Teaching for Equal and Inclusive Education in Rural Areas? An Analysis of Teachers’ Perspectives on Remote Teaching

Video presentation: Saga Stenman and Fanny Pettersson

Anna Åkerfeldt
will present experiences from the ongoing IFOUS project.
Read more: https://www.ifous.se/digitala-larmiljoer-likvardig-utbildning-med-fjarr-och-%20%20distansundervisning/#

Presentation: Digital learning environments - equal education with remote and distance learning

Video presentation: Anna Åkerfeldt

14.00 - 15.00 
A Finnish perspective

Liisa Ilomäki
will present experiences from the project “Teacher in a virtual classroom”
Presentation: Virtual studying and teaching challenges students and teachers

Video presentation: Liisa Ilomäki

Charlotta Hilli
will present on extending classrooms through teacher collaboration in virtual learning environments - a participatory action research project in the Finnish archipelago. We know schools are important for a vital community and teachers play a key role between the community and the local school. Around 30% of Finnish schools are small with between 3–4 teachers. Cross-school collaboration in virtual learning environments can provide students with more classmates and teachers more colleagues. I will discuss what happened when three primary schools in the Finnish archipelago collaborated to offer remote teaching (2015–2017) and the implications on classroom, school and regional levels.
Presentation: Teacher collaboration in Virtual Learning Environments (2020)

Video presentation: Charlotta Hilli

15.00 -16.00 
A Danish perspective

Christian Dalsgaard and Thomas Ryberg
will present experiences on how to design online learning environments. Rather than focusing on ‘remote’ or ‘distance’ teaching, the presentation will focus on how to design online learning environments, that cross boundaries and remove the distance. The presentation will take as a starting point the digital learning environments of students. What are the tools, environments, and spaces that students use for educational purposes? From this, the talk presents a conceptual model for designing online learning environments, consisting of ‘Individual learning space’, ‘Working group’, ‘Community of interest’ and ‘Open connections’.
Presentation: Designing online learning environments

Video presentation: Christian Dalsgaard and Thomas Ryberg

16.00 -17.00
A Norwegian perspective

Sylvi Bratteng
will present experiences from the Roedoy research project in which digital classrooms were implemented to help save schools from closing. Read more: https://www.nord.no/no/aktuelt/nyheter/Sider/Digitale-klasserom-skal-redde-kolen.aspx
Presentation: Fully divided classes in small schools

Video presentation: Sylvi Bratteng

Cancelled: Unn-Doris Bæck
will present experiences from the ongoing research project RUR-ED which focuses on education in rural and urban areas. The main rationale for the project is that educational outcomes of students residing in rural areas are lower than for students residing elsewhere, which creates uneven opportunities for individuals depending on where they live. https://site.uit.no/rured/

Thursday 7th of May

9.00-13.00 (Swedish time)

Reflections and discussions based on the presentations from the day before.

Planning for contributions to the special issue of Education in the North based on the theme of the symposium.

Planning for applications for further funding of research projects, collaborative initiatives, etc.

Discussions on the idea of forming a Nordic Centre for research on remote teaching.

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